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FORAY is an industry-leading brand of preform injection molding machines, and we provide products and services that meet the needs of a wide range of packaging markets.

FORAY is not just a machine producer, it is your partner in the field of PET packaging. We give you a competitive edge and help you stand out in the market.

For any services and inquiries, we will respond you to provide complete solutions withinin 12 hours. Ask about your questions today!


One-stop Solutions

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One-stop solutions to help your business grow
  • FORAY's service is to become an expert in guaranteeing your business with fast, punctual and effective processing; the goal of FORAY's team is to maximize customer’s satisfaction.
  • Dedicated and professional service team to support you move faster in market.
  • A one-stop shop that lets you order ranging from machine to molds to auxiliaries to service.
  • Continously training empower operators working capabilities and increase productivity.
Why we are your perfect partners
Here are some reasons why FORAY is the preferred preform-making machine manufacturer of over 100 companies globally.


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One-Stop Preform Injection Molding Service - FORAY
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