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"Focus" drives FORAY towards intelligent and digital transformation

For over a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to the application of injection molding, understanding the needs of our users and growing alongside them. Through in-depth exploration of the one-stop service process for injection molding systems, we continually iterate and optimize product functionality, modularizing and standardizing structures to ensure more stable, intelligent, and energy-efficient operations. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces users' time, labor, and resource costs, providing solutions that are more tailored, efficient, and systematic to meet user demands.

Through our focus, we have accumulated rich experience in the industry, nurtured a group of research and innovation talents, enhanced our professional skills, and gained a certain level of influence. Simultaneously, this focus supports our transition towards intelligent and digital industry upgrades, endowing us with boundless potential.

"Innovation" empowers you to stay ahead

"Innovation," as the driving force behind corporate development, continuously injects vitality into our endeavors. In the complex market environment, it enables us to maintain a robust competitive advantage. To achieve this, we have been innovating in modes, technologies, production, and management. With a team comprising over 50 professionals, including specialized design and application engineers, we have garnered recognition with nearly 30 invention and utility model patents. Empowering our users, we strive to assist them in leading the market.
"Reliable" providing you with full assurance
As your dependable partner in injection molding systems, we boast a seasoned research and development team capable of addressing a ariety of injection molding challenges. Our production team adheres strictly to ISO9001 quality standards, supported by state-of-the-art imported equipment. Committed to achieving a 100% customer satisfaction rate, our after-sales service team is dedicated to providing reliable solutions. We pledge reliability in research and development, production, and service, ensuring comprehensive support and assurance for our users. Through concrete actions, we fulfill our commitments, understanding that our success lies in empowering the success of our users.
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