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After-sales Service

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After-sales Service
After-sales service
After ensuring pre-sales product and solution services for our customers, we also have a dedicated after-sales center staffed by a team of professional service engineers with over 10 years of experience. This team provides comprehensive support throughout the sales process, including installation, training, and standardized commissioning services. Our after-sales technical consultation support, specialized training support, spare parts support, and follow-up services aim to accompany users throughout the entire operational experience, offering timely, efficient, and reliable after-sales service.
    Applicable to existing or previous equipment from FORAY, as well as equipment from other manufacturers.
    Energy-saving upgrades
    Equipment testing
    Complete machine refurbishment
    Component replacement
    Mold maintenance
Professional training
  • Provide comprehensive professional training on operation, debugging, maintenance and upkeep;
  • Provide daily operational technical consultation and solution support;
  • Provide timely notification and special training on the latest technologies and efficient energy-saving solutions.
After-sales service
Spare parts support
Our ample inventory of high-quality spare parts ensures timeliness and accuracy in supplying replacement components for maintenance. We can support global timely delivery services, with shipments dispatched within 24 hours upon user request.
Prompt response
To meet the urgent and special needs of global users, our professional project managers provide 24/7 timely response services.


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