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R & D center
Customer-centered, market-oriented, insisting on sustainable application, pioneering innovation, and providing customized and cost-effective product solutions.
Injection molding machine workshop
Focusing on PET bottle preform injection molding systems for 10+ years, we continuously optimize the performance of injection molding machines, provide users with "one-stop" services for injection molding systems with systematic solutions and long-term practice standards, and achieve comprehensive assessment, risk prediction, and efficient execution.
Mold workshop
Adhering to craftsmanship and quality, we strictly follow the standard production process and quality management system, and are equipped with imported high-precision CNC processing equipment such as YASDA, MAZAK, Hardinge, and MAKINO to achieve the successful delivery of excellent finished products.
Marketing center
Oriented by customer needs, we follow up on customer projects throughout the process, provide customers with cost-effective product solutions that match the market, serve as the strongest backing for customers, and provide 24-hour response services.
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  • Injection molding machine
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