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Injection Mold

Injection Mold
High precision injection molds
High precision injection molds "customized"solutions
We always abide by the requirements of the ISO9001 system, control the production and processing quality throughout the process, maintain a constant temperature processing environment, the processing precision can reach 0.002mm, and the mold design service life can reach 15 million molds, ensuring your mold quality and delivery cycle. Provide your company with "customized" solution services for whole mold manufacturing of blood collection tubes, syringes, bottle preforms, special-shaped caps, handles, pull rings, etc.
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Customized service
● 30+ R&D design engineers;
● 50+ imported high-end production and testing equipment from YASDA, MAZAK, MAKINO, ZEISS, etc.
PET injection molding one-stop service
● High-precision PET injection mold customization;
● Equipped with mature and independent FORAY PET special high-speed injection molding machine equipment;
● Support "one-stop" solution for PET injection molding system.


High precision injection mold
Focus on high-precision, high-efficiency, and more durable injection mold development and production "customized" services
Service process


High Cavity High Precision Injection Molds "Customized"Service​

We focus on high-precision, high-efficiency, more durable mold R&D and manufacturing "customized" services, introduce industry senior talents, configure imported high-end equipment such as YASDA, MAZAK, MAKINO, ZEISS, etc. and provide high-end wine packaging, food, beverage, dairy products, Production and application of precision molds in edible oil condiments, medical consumables and other fields.

Excellent R&D customization

As a designated unit of the Precision Manufacturing Engineering Technology Center of the Sichuan Mechanical Design Institute, it focuses on providing complete mold customization services for hot runner systems, cooling systems and manipulator parts, and digital R&D and design to ensure high-precision adaptation and sustainable applications.

Precision manufacturing

We always adhere to and comply with the system requirements of ISO9001 and fully control every process in production and processing. At the same time, from raw materials, forging, heat treatment, precision machining, surface treatment and other process technologies, we always have our own technology to ensure product quality and successful delivery.

Full quality control testing

The ZEISS three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument imported from Germany is used, with an accuracy of 1.9um + L/ 250mm, ensuring that the shape and position dimensions of the cores, cavities, and structural parts of various molds meet the required accuracy, achieving high-precision and high-efficiency mold production.

Ensure debugging and delivery

We have a complete one-stop solution for the injection molding system. User molds can be debugged and evaluated at the Foray injection molding machine factory. Professional project engineers will follow up and feedback on the debugging situation and respond in a timely manner to help users save a lot of time and cost. Achieve 100% delivery rate.

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