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Energy-saving Retrofits

Energy-saving Retrofits
Machine upgrade solutions
Machine upgrade solutions
We also have a team of professional after-sales service engineers who have been in the industry for more than ten years. In addition to providing injection molding machine equipment installation, debugging and 7x24 after-sales service, we can also provide you with energy-saving transformation services for injection molding machine equipment with high energy consumption, low version, and obsolete counterparts.
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Energy-saving Retrofits ​

As a one-stop service provider for injection molding systems, we have been adhering to the R&D concept of high efficiency, low consumption and sustainable development, constantly reinforcing and innovating our PET special injection molding machines, precision mold manufacturing and other products and solutions, and are committed to serving your business. Reduce costs and increase efficiency; especially in terms of energy-saving transformation of injection molding machine equipment, we have provided energy-saving transformation services to many brand customers such as Yihai Kerry, Master Kong, Coca-Cola, Yinlu and other high-energy consumption, low-version, and outdated injection molding machine equipment, and Achieve effective transformation expectations.

In terms of servo motor modification, the following values can be achieved for your equipment.

Energy saving: The servo hydraulic control system forms a closed loop with a pressure transmitter and an encoder to accurately control the pressure flow of the hydraulic system and supply it on demand. Compared with the traditional hydraulic control system, it saves wasted work.

Noise reduction: Using a servo gear pump to operate, the noise is lower than that of a traditional oil pump. At the same time, the servo control system operates at low speed or even does not rotate under low pressure and flow requirements, so it will not generate noise all the time.

Stable: The servo system responds to the optimal operating temperature, and will experience thermal attenuation as the operating temperature increases.


In terms of energy-saving heating coil transformation, the following values can be achieved for your equipment.

Energy saving: The energy saving effect reaches more than 20%, and the return on investment is high.

Convenience: No modifications to the injection molding machine are required, and the surface temperature of the barrel guard remains below 70°C.

Safety: The surface temperature of the protective cover is reduced, preventing burns, improving the workshop environment, and complying with national safety standards.

Accurate: no over-temperature, low surface temperature of the heating element, small temperature gradient, light and thin thermal insulation, wide material applicability.

Adaptation: It can match various brands and models of injection molding machines, with easy installation and beautiful appearance.

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